See how Daanaa’s cutting edge proprietary technology is transforming industries through advanced energy transfer, free from constraints.

Solar Power

Powerful, Cell-based Optimization & Inversion

A heavy reliance on cables and wiring means one faulty or underperforming panel negatively impacts the entire series.

Learn how Daanaa’s technology is disrupting the solar industry by drastically increasing a panel’s harvesting potential, reducing costs, and simplifying the installation and maintenance process.

Future Applications

Electric Vehicles

Coming Soon | Accelerated, Wireless Charging

With Daanaa, the future of electric vehicles is wireless. The one-to-many nature of our solution allows the chassis to act as a single transmitter that powers the entire vehicle safely and wirelessly.

Our solution contributes to faster, more efficient charging at charging stations, and reduced battery consumption for regular vehicle operations by reducing vehicle weight attributed to wires and cables.

Battery Management

Coming Soon | Cell-based Power Management

Daanaa is looking to future applications where our technology can extend the lifespan of battery management systems by optimizing the charge and discharge of each battery cell.

Through cell-based optimization, each battery can operate independently with increased capacity and output.

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