Marketing Coordinator

Job Description

Daanaa is an exciting tech company in semiconductors. We have developed a novel power transaction technology, where power travels medium free, wireless, wired or through structures. By integrating Daanaa’s proprietary chips into solar panels, the technology significantly increases solar power output. And we’re not stopping there… solar power is only one of the applications we are pursuing within clean technologies. At Daanaa, we are building a world of Energy Untethered.

As Marketing Coordinator, you will be responsible for planning, coordination, and communication of Daanaa’s value proposition, news and initiatives within different media and events to increase brand awareness and generate engagement. Within this role, you will be Daanaa’s unique voice to multiple audiences, such as customers, partners, investors, talent, and others. You will also make sure the brand messaging and visuals are consistent across different media.

This role falls under the Business Department and is ideal for someone looking to develop a career in marketing with managerial opportunities within the company. This role reports to the Business Development Specialist.




We are naturally curious people who believe that the answer to a question should be followed by asking “why?”. Our office is often filled with enthusiastic discussions about the latest books we read, podcasts we’ve listened to, or documentaries we watched.



We joyfully choose to be here every day because we are driven with ambition by the difference we make.



We follow through, are precise about our aim, manage our resources wisely, bravely own our mistakes, and report honestly.



The foundation of our teamwork is trust. With trust, we communicate freely, have compassion for each other, and work and live with everyone’s best interests at heart.

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Daanaa is for you if:

  • You value professional and personal growth at all levels of an organization.
  • You are looking for internal advancement opportunities as a high-performing individual.
  • You are looking to experience working in a fast-growth start-up in Vancouver’s high-tech sector.
  • You desire to work alongside a team of passionate, heart-warming, and intelligent team members.
  • You have big goals. We aren’t for the faint of heart.


Daanaa Resolution Inc. is dedicated to helping its employees grow and develop technical and soft skills in an innovative and collaborative environment. Daanaa is an equal opportunity employer with an inclusive culture. We thank all applicants in advance for their interest. Despite our best intent to respond to all, only the candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. 

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